1. Using the Financial Diaries method to understand the financial dynamics of vulnerable Canadians in a rapidly changing socio-economic context. This includes understanding the barriers and opportunities that they face in trying to improve their financial and overall well-being.
  2. Adapting the Financial Diaries research methodology to include quantitative and qualitative components, use a burst design, and gather insights on how different educational interventions affect participants. The methods and data will be made available to other researchers.
  3. Through the Diaries, and drawing on research with regulators and practitioners, identifying strengths and weaknesses of existing financial products, financially-oriented programs and policies with respect to financial vulnerability and empowerment; from this, recommend new financial products, financially-oriented programs and policies, and re-design existing ones.
  4. Design a phone/tablet application, and/or curriculum in another format that can be used by vulnerable Canadians to boost their financial capability and outcomes.
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