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Indigenous Woman’s Experience with Bank Exclusion in Winnipeg

Oct 2021, An Indigenous woman in Winnipeg, looking into switching her bank account to new bank, was forced to leave the branch…3 times! This experience might not be so unusual. See media links below to this story, a related 2020 story from Vancouver, and a report studying bank exclusion. CBC, Oct 2021: BMO apologizes after […]

Financial Exclusion and Gender Inequity Among Low-Income Women in Canada

Paper written by Carly Kublick. Efforts in recent decades to advance gender equality have succeeded in increasing women’s economic participation. There are still many barriers, however, experienced by low-income women that prevent them from achieving their own definitions of financial well-being. Barriers such as low-skilled precarious labour and the pressures of caregiving make accruing savings […]

Video to promote CFD Phase Two

Staff and phase one participants of the Canadian Financial Diaries research project discuss the benefits of participating in the diaries process. Phase One data are being analyzed and reported on now and phase two begins in September 2021. We are looking for people with low- and modest middle-income to participate in monthly meetings for six […]


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