How did we undertake phase 1 of the diaries project?

September 2019.

We are almost completed phase 1 of the Canadian Financial Diaries Research Project. We are beginning to work with the data and we have compiled a summary of the process of research so far. It is documented in the report available here.

This report provides an overview of the qualitative and quantitative methods employed in the first phase of the Canadian Financial Diaries project. As such it provides an overview of distinct research phases, recruitment, participants, retention and attrition, interviews and data collection. Also included are analyses and recommendations on recruitment, attrition, compensation, interview locations, meeting times, survey instruments, and data cleaning.

The goals for this initial report are multifold: report on the methods that the FD field team employed during the first 1.5 years of fieldwork, analyze the success and failure of methods to accomplish the aims of this project and lastly to brainstorm and consider issues for an academic article. With three significant and at times contradictory aims, this report is a draft and removing/altering sections for the varied audiences will need to occur.

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