Phase 1 participants graduating and data collection nearing completion

Sep 2019

Starting in March 2019, and after one year of interviews, our participants from phase 1 of the Canadian financial diaries research project are beginning to graduate! Upon graduating we ask our participants what, if anything, they have learned during the process, and what recommendations they have for us to improve the process for phase 2. So far we are finding that participants are learning a lot from the diaries process, like the importance of being mindful of their finances, and the importance of distinguishing needs from wants. Participants have enjoyed building a connection with our interviewers around their finances and shared with us that this would be important for the success of phase 2.

The graduation process will go on through October as participants joined the project from March through October 2018. In total we have worked with close to 30 people and most have completed the full 12 month process.

We are working diligently with our data entry and cleaning and transcribing our qualitative interviews.

Attached here is a report that summarizes our research process.

Our goal is to begin the analysis of phase 1 data by the end of the year.


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