Video explains purpose and process of diaries and introduces some staff and participants

Nov 2020

As research results from the diaries research project become available in the next few months we are pleased to share a video that explains how the diaries works, what is its purpose, and to introduce some of its staff and participants. The video presents insights about the following, – What is a financial diary and why is it an important tool to understand vulnerable peoples’ finances? – How did we undertake the diaries process for – How can the project generate data and stories to better understand the opportunities and challenges that low and modest middle Canadians face? – How do vulnerable Canadians manage their finances in the face of pressures like poverty and COVID-19?

This video was produced by the University of Winnipeg Media Services for the Canadian Financial Diaries Research Project. The Canadian Financial Diaries Research Project is using the financial diaries methodology to understand the financial dynamics of vulnerable Canadians in a rapidly changing socio-economic context. This includes understanding the barriers and opportunities that people face in trying to improve their financial and overall well-being ( The diaries project is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

The video is available here.

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