Full-time employed diaries participants: frugal or upwardly mobile

Feb 2021

This summary is the third in a series describing the financial health of low- and modest-middle income participants involved in the Canadian Financial Diaries Research Project. The seven participants in this summary were selected because they were all employed full-time. This summary aims to highlight for the reader the participants’ financial values and practices, and to offer insights into participants’ financial wellbeing, including any barriers or opportunities which might impact their financial health or inform their financial decisions.

In terms of lining up income and spending, and saving for the future, most participants were doing well. Tyler was quite exceptional in his ability to save, even with a modest paying job. Along with Helena and Kira, these 3 participants stand out in terms of finances-by-principal, as distinct from homo economicus, the economic human. They all had modest jobs, were frugal with their spending, and seemed to pursue quality of life over quantity. Aretta, Eniola, and Roya were newcomers to Canada and were upwardly mobile in pursuing higher education, professional careers, and Canadian citizenship in the case of Aretta and Eniola.

Access report here

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