Does Canada need an ‘official’ and fair usury cap?

By Katlin Abrahamson.

30 August 2021.

There have been several efforts to reform Section 347, the Criminal Rate of Interest, in the past twenty years. Does Canada need an ‘official’ usury cap?

See one-page summary.

Also, see: Smyth, Sara. “Criminalizing Usury: The Evolution and Application of S. 347 of the Criminal Code.” Appeal: Review of Current Law and Law Reform 7 (2001): 24.!fragment/zoupio-_Toc3Page1/BQCwhgziBcwMYgK4DsDWszIQewE4BUBTADwBdoAvbRABwEtsBaAfX2zgGYAFMAc0ICMASgA0ybKUIQAiokK4AntADkykREJhcCWfKWr1m7SADKeUgCElAJQCiAGVsA1AIIA5AMK2RpMACNoUnYhISA.

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